February 22, 2024

There’s a nationwide shortage of workers and attracting the best talent can be challenging. How do you make your Small Business stand out among other companies? Should you just compete on salary levels? What creative methods can you use to bring the best employees to your company?

Join Dave Hamilton and Shannon Jean as they discuss creative ways to attract employees to your Small Business.

  • 00:00:00 Small Business Show #381 for Wednesday, May 25, 2022
  • 00:09:07 SPONSOR: Shopify – For anyone to sell anywhere, Shopify is giving you a fourteen-day trial and full access to Shopify’s entire suite of features. Visit Shopify.com/sbs to get yours!
  • 00:10:41 Attracting Employees…Creatively!
    • The Great Resignation Reshuffle
    • “Remote” instead of “Virtual”
    • Lots of Two-Week Experiments
    • Selling Your Culture
    • Sell your culture, share your career paths
    • ABR: Always Be Recruiting
    • Make Recruitment Cards
  • 00:42:20 One Word to Change Everything!
  • 00:48:03 SBS 381 Outtro

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