November 29, 2022

Washington — Two days after Tuesday’s midterm elections, CBS News still estimated that Senate control is a toss-up, while the House of Representatives was leaning Republican.

Four Senate contests were still undecided. Both parties and their allies have already begun to prepare for a Dec. 6 runoff in the Georgia Senate race between Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock, and Republican challenger Herschel Walker, which could prove decisive depending on the results of contests in Nevada and Arizona. Warnock officially launched his runoff campaign on Thursday, and the Democrats’ Senate campaign arm said it is spending $7 million to bolster field operations in Georgia.

Republicans need to pick up two out of the three seats in Georgia, Arizona and Nevada to win the Senate, according to CBS News projections. 

Alaska’s Senate race also remains a toss-up, but the top two candidates are both Republicans, meaning the outcome won’t impact the partisan makeup of the Senate. Since neither candidate received 50% of the vote, the race will go to ranked-choice voting, with ranked-choice voting results expected in two weeks.   

Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake accused state election officials of “slow-rolling” the vote count.  The chairman of the board of supervisors in Maricopa County, the state’s largest, pushed back against that accusation on Thursday.

“We’re absolutely not slow-rolling it, and if their team had been paying attention before the election, they would have heard us talk about this over and over again, that we would not have results on election night, or even the next day,” Maricopa County Board of Supervisors chairman Bill Gates said. “That it was going to take several days. And quite frankly it is offensive for Kari Lake to say these people behind me are slow-rolling this when they are working 14 to 18 hours.”

According to the latest CBS News estimates, with 79% of the vote in, Lake trailed Democrat Katie Hobbs by just under 27,000 votes. Hobbs was leading by a margin of 50.7% to 49.3%.

The registrar in Nevada’s Clark County, the largest in the state, said Thursday afternoon that there are over 50,000 mail-in ballots from the county that need to be counted, and estimated that the majority will be tabulated by Saturday evening.  

Results continued to trickle in on Thursday in the decisive House races. According to CBS News estimates, Republicans are to take at least 213 seats, and Democrats at least 206 seats. A party needs to reach 218 for control. 

Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District race remained a toss-up, meanwhile. Incumbent Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert is running against Democratic challenger Adam Frisch in what had been considered a safe GOP seat. With 95% of the votes tabulated as of Thursday night, Boebert had a lead of several hundred votes. 

Full results and projections for every House, Senate and governor’s race can be found in the CBS News Election Center.

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