May 18, 2024

The topic of “cleaning up your diet” is a good one.  Even without committing to a 30-day program or any other nutritional regimen. The discipline of eating a strict diet is difficult. Using the Whole-30 diet as an example: no preservatives, no grains, no dairy, no sugar, no alcohol. Not only does it take lots of discipline, but it also takes shopping, planning, prepping and that discipline.

It would seriously benefit all of us to look at what we eat and to knock out some of the processed foods, sugars and extra calories that have become habit in our daily lives. The benefits of healthy eating are numerous. We don’t pay attention to what eating healthier can do to for us. A number of years ago, when many of our local residents were participating in the “Whole-30” through our hospital, various articles came across my desk promoting the benefits of healthy eating. I found this one and thought it would be a great topic this week.

From the author of “Well Fed,” Melissa Jouliwan, came an article that she wrote on her website, preaching the benefits of “cleaning up your diet.” Thirty reasons, to be exact!

You’ll sleep longer and more soundly. When sugar is out and protein/fat is in, you’ll sleep so well.

You’ll enjoy consistent energy. No more peaks and drops in your energy levels.

You’ll wake up feeling optimistic and alert.

You’ll say goodbye to digestive distress. Forget about gas, tummy rumblings and “uncomfortable bathroom experiences.” After getting used to the healthy stuff, it’ll be smooth moves from then on.

You’ll be happier. When blood sugars are stable, life is happier.

You’ll be more peaceful. Anxiety and can be brought on by sugar.

You’ll be more clear-headed.

You’ll drink more water. Instead of those sugary drinks, you’ll have to replace with water and there is no bad in that.

You’ll eat more vegetables, and you know what that means. Nutrients and energy!

You’ll savor your food more.

You’ll feel the difference between emotional appetite and real hunger.

You’ll find new favorite foods. There is so much more room in your kitchen and on your plate when you get rid of the bad stuff.

You’ll have fun experimenting in the kitchen. So true, it’s an excellent way to try new recipes and ideas.

You’ll get more organized. Eating healthy requires a little more pre-planning, which encourages organization with regards to your diet.

You’ll get out from under the burden of emotional eating.

You’ll learn about yourself. You will learn how your body looks, acts, and feels when it’s got good stuff to work from.

You’ll slay the sugar demon. Once you’ve gone without sugar, you’ll know that it’s within your ability to control it in the future as well.

You’ll make new friends.

You’ll positively influence others. Set that great example!

You’ll learn more about how your body works.

Your skin will be brighter. Sleep, water, vegetables, healthy fats and no sugar promote clear, younger looking skin.

Your hair will be shinier. Sleep, water, vegetables, healthy fats and no sugar also promote glossy hair and stronger nails.

Your tummy will be flatter. The end of day bloating from dairy and legumes will be gone.

Your workouts will feel invigorating.

You might have your best workouts.

You’ll feel accomplished.

You might lose weight or gain muscle or both; only if you add in the exercise factor.

Your body image will improve.

Food will become both more important and food, less important. You will begin to realize how important a healthy diet is to your body, and you will lose that need of “living to eat.” Instead, you will “eat to live.”

You’ll stop dieting and just eat, which is the best reason of all for cleaning up your diet. When you take out all the ‘non-food’ food and replace it with real food, you can stop analyzing how much you eat, when you eat, where you eat. Quantities still matter to some degree, but you can quit counting calories and quit feeling guilty.

Consider “cleaning up your diet” and see what it does for your health.

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