April 23, 2024

Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and entrepreneur Ciara has teamed up with Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats for a family-oriented campaign that “embodies those small, everyday moments with family that are most important when fostering bigger connections over time.”

At a time when the feeling of “not doing enough” has become all too common for families, especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rice Krispies Treats and Ciara thought of a way to help families create more moments that matter. To aid in that very cause, which is near and dear to Ciara’s heart, she has teamed up with the brand to create the Summer-geared track, “Treat” which is a song for a campaign that’s all about togetherness and being connected.

“I am all about family and I love this campaign,” the entrepreneur and philanthropist expressed to VIBE. “I love that we’re kicking off summer, and I think the reality is that the world can never have enough love. The world can never have enough good vibes and good times. And that’s what this campaign is about. It really is about the good times for your families and your friends.”

In an exclusive interview, the “Level Up” singer and all-around superwoman spoke with us about her decision to partner with the sticky-sweet treat, what her family means to her, how she plans to celebrate the summer following “Treat,” and also how fans can get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be part of the campaign’s upcoming music video.

This interview has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.


VIBE: What made you want to partner with Kellogg’s and Rice Krispies for the song “Treat” and the whole campaign?

Ciara: I got to put a little bit of the artist in me in this. My kids also joined me on this song, which was really cute and really sweet. I think for them, this is their big debut. Back together with mama, both of them at the same time together. So, it just was a special moment all the way around. And I think that that’s what it’s about. Right? There’s nothing better than family fun. And it really is the simplest moments that have the biggest impact in our lives.

It really is the simple moments that I think not only do them good, but it does me good, too. I feel fulfilled. When I got asked to be a part of this beautiful campaign, I was so excited. I was also honored. I’ve loved Rice Krispies Treats since I was a little girl. I don’t know who hasn’t. I mean, it’s just such a timeless classic snack and cereal as well.

I love that. As far as the campaign’s TikTok challenge, it’s going to be through the hashtag #ourtreatentry. What exactly are you looking for in these entries?

We’re going to do this really cool TikTok activation where people can also upload their videos of their family fun. And then we’ll make this cool big video that will be created in the end of it. And then if you get real lucky, you can also get a year-round supply of Rice Krispies Treats. You can get it for a whole year. So it’s exciting. It’s all fun stuff, and it’s a lot of treats. So, I’m excited. I’m really, really honored and proud to be a part of it.

ciara future and Sienna

Ciara and her children, Future and Sienna.
Jeff Vanags for Ciara and Rice Krispies Treats

How do you know someone is being authentic with their family versus someone who may just want the lifetime supply of Rice Krispie Treats? What are you looking for?

Listen, I think you always can see when something’s authentic and when it isn’t. But I think more than anything, anything that someone puts up is going to be fun. It’s all about just literally good times. We’ve got to feel the good energy. We’ve got to see something, we’ve got to feel something. I think that sometimes the simplest things can give you the greatest feeling.

We want to feel those good vibes. Turn it up. Turn up the celebration. Turn up the good times. Turn up the interactions. If something silly happens, let the camera roll, get it. Because it’s all good. It’s all silliness. I mean just everything, it’s all a part of it. As long as we can feel those good vibes and feel that energy coming through. Listen, it’s up for anyone. It’s up for grabs for anyone. It should be cute.

Speaking of family and togetherness, you’re married to Russell Wilson and you guys are such a beautiful family. A lot of people kind of look to Russell as someone who likes the simpler things. He doesn’t really like to “do too much” from what we see. For Father’s Day, what would be something that he would really enjoy doing with you and the family? What’s something he would like?

Oh my gosh. The thing about Russ is that I will say, “Yes, okay, there is a simplistic side to him,” but he’s also an adventurer. He loves to explore. He’s very spontaneous. We literally can be thinking the week is just going as planned and he’d be like, “Okay, tomorrow let’s just go to Mexico,” or he literally might be like, “In two days, we’re going to go to Italy.” He just thinks that way. So, it is a lot of spontaneous fun with Russ.

But at the same time, to your point, I think our worlds move so fast that you look forward to the simple moments. You just look forward to simply being able to be together, enjoy each other. He loves the sound of the ocean. So, I think, for me, that’s where I want to make sure he is on that day. And the kids love the beach. I’m just looking forward to just us being with each other. Because like I said, sometimes our worlds are going so fast that we’re getting…we’re piecemealing our time. And we’re making it happen and it’s great and it works out, but it’s going to be fun just to have a whole day where we just all love on each other. We love on dad because he’s amazing. And I just want him to feel like the amazing father that he is.

Do you guys think that you’ll get a chance to actually make some Rice Krispies Treats together? Have you ever made them?

We have. It’s fun. The kids love it. And I think they get kind of lucky because they get a little bit more than they probably get in the process because you can eat it off the spoon. They’re getting a little extra and then it’s so cute because they’ll have the nice little piece that we carve out that they get to eat. And they’re always trying to inch their way back in and get a couple more bites, but it’s so addictive. It’s so good. That’s definitely one of those classic treats that you can never get enough of.

Going forward, what does Ciara have planned for the upcoming summer? What exciting adventures are you getting into?

I’ve got big plans. I’m excited. I know my fans had been showing me love on a teaser video that I posted jamming out with my girls at the gas station. And so that was fun. I gave him a little taste of something. So, all I have to say is that we’re going to be jumping off real soon and I’m excited for all that I’ve been putting together. It’s been so much fun. I’ve been having the time of my life in the creative process, just being an artist. Being in the zone of just making music has been so fulfilling and I cannot wait to share what I’ve been creating with my fans.


Fans can enter the “Treat” music video challenge by using the TikTok hashtag #OurTreatEntry and stream “Treat” on Rice Krispies Treats’ Spotify and YouTube pages. This fall, the “Treat” music video featuring Ciara and her fans will be released exclusively on Rice Krispies Treats channels.

Check out the official instructions from Ciara herself below.


#ad You could be in my music video & win @Rice Krispies treats for a year! Use my song “Treat” & OurTreatEntry. Rules: ricekrispies.com/rules

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