January 27, 2023

In an on-set interview with E! News Daily Pop, Chlöe took a break from filming for her newest Make ‘Em Sweat hot sauce partnership with DoorDash to chat about her dating life and the qualities that will absolutely turn her off from a man.

While eating a few French fries drizzled in the sweet and spicy sauce, she and host Justin Sylvester played a round of “Hot or Not,” where the “Treat Me” singer delved into her top five dealbreakers during the dating stages.

Leading with “Don’t be cocky” as her number one, she then followed up with “Don’t play me. You better respond to me. Don’t have long fingernails.” Her final dealbreaker was men who do not keep up with their hygiene. “You better smell good!” she said with great emphasis.

On the flip side, Chlöe also shared a few relationship no-no’s such as kissing on the first meet-up unless the two of them haven’t seen each other due to a “long-distance situation,” but it could be up-in-the-air as she says she ends her date-nights with a bit of “mystery.”

Although Chlöe isn’t interested in dating someone 10 years younger than her, she did share that being with someone a decade older than her is “hot.” She went on to add, “I have a mature soul. I need someone to teach me some things because I’ma be teaching them some things. You know what I mean?”

The 23-year-old sparked rumors of dating Gunna, 28, back in October of 2021 after being spotted out in public. Since then, the two have made music together, including the now-incarcerated rapper’s “You & Me.” Gunna shot down dating rumors on The Breakfast Club when he told the Power 105.1 hosts, “We ain’t cousins. We’re really close friends, we got a hit song together.”

Chlöe’s DashPass exclusive Make ‘Em Sweat hot sauce collaboration with DoorDash drops June 9.

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