March 23, 2023

Cameron Teague Robinson is eager to experience all that Columbus has to offer.

On March 31, I was walking around downtown Minneapolis on my way to dinner with a few friends. 

It was the 10th day of a 12-day road trip for work, covering the Louisville women’s basketball team’s Final Four run and I was looking forward to the Old-Fashioned I was going to enjoy. In the moment, though, I was reflecting.

For me, covering the Final Four was a dream come true. I grew up in Cleveland in a family full of Browns fans, but basketball was king. Everybody played, and watching the NCAA Tournament was a family tradition. We watched as many games as we could from the first round to the family party we planned for the National Championship game.  

So to cover the Final Four, it was a special feeling for a guy who knew he wanted to be a sports writer since he was in the third grade. But it was also a weird feeling. At that point, everybody close to me knew I was leaving the Louisville Courier-Journal to take a job at the Columbus Dispatch as the new features/entertainment and “things to do” reporter.  

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