May 18, 2024

Jadeveon Clowney wanted the opportunity to play for a Super Bowl title, and he believes he can make that happen with the Cleveland Browns. Clowney re-signed with the Browns because he wants to be part of that first Super Bowl team in Cleveland. 

“I just want to chase that Super Bowl,” Clowney said on the Browns’ Best Podcast Available. “We had a great defense last year. We went out and got some more key players on offense and defense, and I feel like we’ve got a shot.

“I know what I’m dealing with and I know who I got. I know what we can do together. I’m just hoping we can take that step forward and get where we need to get this season.”

Clowney had a bounce-back season with the Browns after finishing the 2020 campaign without a sack. The former No. 1 overall picked up his sack total to nine in 2021, finishing with 37 tackles, 19 quarterback hits and two forced fumbles as a reliable option opposite Myles Garrett. 

Finishing with 50 pressures and 32 quarterback hurries, Clowney showed flashes of the player who made three consecutive Pro Bowls from 2016 through 2018. Clowney had his most pressures and quarterback hits in a season since 2018, showing he still possesses the ability to get to the quarterback.

“He was very productive for us last season,” Browns coach Kevin Stefanski said this week. “He is very popular in this building, so having him in the meeting room and having him around the building, you felt his energy and the guys were excited that he was here.”

Clowney is entering this offseason healthy, which will play a major role in his second season in the Browns’ system. He’s also happy to be teaming up with Deshaun Watson again. Whenever Watson does step on the field, Clowney’s job becomes a lot easier. 

“On defense you’re just like, ‘Let’s just go out there and do our job, rush that passer and just get to the quarterback,'” Clowney said, “because we are going to get plenty of opportunities this year with him at quarterback.”

The stage is set for Clowney to have a big year in Cleveland. The Browns were a top-10 unit in total sacks last year with 43, but that total can go even higher with Clowney in the system another year. 

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