November 29, 2022

Brett Favre’s alleged involvement in a massive welfare fraud scandal in Mississippi continues to unravel. The former NFL star has been investigated for schemes related to his dealings with two concussion research companies. The 53-year-old and his business partner Jake VanLandingham were previously accused of participating in welfare fraud for upwards of $5 million. The two are now accused of accepting a $2.1 million grant from the Mississippi government that was intended for welfare recipients in the state.

In addition to the welfare fraud, the companies Prevacus and PresolMD are alleged to have lied to their investors about the effectiveness of their treatments for their own monetary gain. VanLandingham has denied having any knowledge of the alleged scam, claiming in a statement: “I had no idea this was welfare money, and I’ve always been an upstanding person when it comes to research.” Favre has yet to comment on the allegations.

Favre is also accused of convincing Prevacus owner Jake Vanlandingham to offer Gov. Phil Bryant stock shares in Prevacus in exchange for the $2.15 million. However, Bryant has denied ever considering the offer.

Earlier this year, the Hall of Fame quarterback garnered scrutiny after Mississippi Today published a report detailing his alleged involvement in the welfare fraud. The charges included the Green Bay Packer legend using $5 million in state funds to finance the building of a new volleyball stadium at his alma mater, the University of Southern Mississippi, where his daughter also attends.

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