April 15, 2024

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The partnership will boost Bloomberg’s regulatory and compliance intelligence offering

Bloomberg partners with Insightful Technology to grow surveillance capabilities

Image source: RobHaighton/InsightfulTechnologies.


On Thursday, Bloomberg announced a strategic investment and collaboration with London-based Insightful Technology to integrate their compliance system.

This partnership is part of a wider project to further develop Bloomberg’s surveillance capabilities. 

Developed by Insightful, Soteria is a multimedia software solution that encrypts, stores and surveils communication data in real-time. 

The software will be merged with Bloomberg’s Compliance Solutions and is specifically geared towards improving the capabilities of Bloomberg Vault. 

The integration will extend  Bloomberg Vault’s compliance and surveillance offering by adding over 120 unique content sources, more than 80 chat, voice, web conferencing and secure mobile communication channels. 

In addition, the Soteria integration will add AI-based voice surveillance, trade reconstruction, case management, behavioural analytics and voice transcription and translation services of over 70 languages and dialects. 

Nadar Shwayhat, global head of compliance, voice and directory solutions at Bloomberg said: “The focus of the Bloomberg Compliance Solutions team remains on innovation and growth of our offerings and Soteria is a natural complement to Bloomberg Vault for e-communications archival and real-time Bloomberg Surveillance offering.” 

“We believe that the integration of Soteria and Bloomberg Vault provides the industry a comprehensive and seamless compliance solution…we are excited for Bloomberg’s collaboration with Insightful Technology…”, said Robert Houghton, the founder and chief technology officer of Insightful Technology.

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