November 30, 2023

A Washington Post analysis in June found that more than 100 Republican primary winners have backed Trump’s false election claims. That number is likely to grow quite a bit after all the results from Tuesday are in — particularly in Arizona, which has become a hotbed for election denial. …

Election denier Blake Masters won the GOP’s nomination for U.S. Senate in Arizona on Tuesday. Arizona Republicans also nominated Mark Finchem for secretary of state. He is a leading driver of a conspiracy theory that the election was stolen in Arizona’s second-largest county, Pima County.

The Arizona governor’s GOP primary is too close to call, but it’s possible that Republican voters will chose Kari Lake, another Trump-backed, unapologetic denier of the 2020 election results, who said if she were elected, she would try to get rid of voting machines and vote by mail — even though most Arizonans vote that way.

Results are still coming in for the Republican primary for Arizona attorney general, but the winner is likely to be one of two candidates who have embraced election denial.

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