January 31, 2023

Launched last month, the “Socialists for Pritzker” account quickly amassed over 10,000 followers, for wisdom like “what if we got J.B. one of those big swords from Final Fantasy.” More irony accounts have sprung up in its wake, like “Anarchists for Pritzker” and “Capitalists for Pritzker,” sharing overlapping memes in which enemies flee from the first-term governor. …

There is no actual draft-Pritzker effort, nothing whipping this irony campaign into a real one. But the chatter has helped Pritzker get mentioned as one of the Democrats who could run if Biden can’t, or if the president appears unelectable. The governor spoke in New Hampshire last month, and when Natasha Korecki of NBC News asked if he thought Biden should face a challenge, Pritzker did not say no.

“That’s not something I’m encouraging, but it’s certainly possible,” said Pritzker. “We’ve seen it in the past.”

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