June 14, 2024

Houston has given Hip-Hop and R&B some of the biggest acts during both genres’ existence, with artists like Pimp C, Bun B, Meg Thee Stallion, Slim Thug, Travis Scott, and Beyoncé all staking their claims to greatness. However, H-Town legend Lil Flip seems to feel that there is a top three list for the city, and he belongs on it.

During an interview with Coach PR for VladTV, Lil Flip was asked about Meg Thee Stallion receiving her own day in Houston. The rapper was very supportive, stating that the Grammy-winning artist has done a lot for the city, and she deserves it. But, when asked about the biggest acts coming out of Houston, Flip opted for three artists over Meg: Beyoncé, Travis Scott, and himself. 

“The biggest artist out of Houston is Beyoncé, then it’s Flip. But Travis Scott, he’s selling a sh*tload of records. They count streams now as sales,” said the rapper before launching into tidbits about his album sales. “But it’s like a different measuring stick, but he on the way up there… I’ve sold millions of records worldwide. A lot of places don’t have Soundscan, so even some of my mixtapes, I’ve sold millions of.”

In addition to his thoughts on his top three Houston artists, he also gave a rationale for why some people might not know why he’s a top-three Houston artist, citing places with a lack of Soundscan as a possibility.

“Everybody don’t have Soundscan, so it might not show up in the numbers, but it was plenty mom and pop stores that were ordering 20, 30 thousand copies of The Leprechaun every two months, and we just cashin’ out.”

You can watch the four-minute clip in its entirety below. 

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