May 18, 2024

Becoming an Entrepreneurial Warrior with Zachary Green Featured ImageZachary Green’s experiences in the Marine Corps shaped his destiny. His time in the military, then as a firefighter, gave him the resourcefulness, integrity, and grit to become a highly successful entrepreneur and best-selling author. Taking risks, trusting himself, and never letting go of his dreams drove him to create, produce, market, and sell a product that saves lives.  Zach lives with his wife and son in the Cincinnati suburb of Wyoming, Ohio. He is an elected member of the Wyoming City Council and was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and has testified in front of the US House of Representatives Small Business Committee. Zachary’s entrepreneurial journey has been featured on the front page of and also covered by CNN, USA Today, CBS, and many other major news outlets.

In today’s episode, Zachary shares his story about how he came to develop his first business, starting in the trunk of his car and growing to $30M in organic sales, how he came close to losing everything, and how he used this crucible as a chance to learn and change. We discuss the importance of being able to recognize your own limitations, and learning to step aside and allow others to come in and help you. We talk about what problem you are solving with your business, and the impact of great sales, marketing, and distribution teams. We also explore how the adversity and challenge of starting a business can help to prepare you for the inevitable difficulties of growing and maintaining your business.

“To get through your crucible, you have to conquer what got you there and you have to transform and change.” – Zachary Green

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Zachary Green Entrepreneurial Warrior

This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • What makes a warrior a warrior
  • The difference between starting a company and running a company
  • Learning when to step out of your own way
  • Three questions every entrepreneur should ask themselves
  • Facing adversity as a small business
  • The importance of sticking to your values

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