December 1, 2022

From the department of redundancy department-here we go again; will he or won’t he?

Less than a week ago, Louisiana Senator John Kennedy won re-election to the upper chamber of Capital Hill.

On election night Kennedy said: “God is great; dogs are good; and the people of Louisiana are star-spangled awesome.”

Today, hot on the heels of his re-election, word was released by Kennedy, he might consider a run for Governor of Louisiana.

He released a statement that read in part: “Over the last year, Louisianians have asked me time and again to come home to serve as governor during these difficult times. So,  I am giving serious consideration to entering the governor’s race. I’ll be announcing my decision soon.”

Kennedy has been urged to run for governor before. Political analyst Jeremy Alford discussed this latest potential run.

“I’m not sure his response or entry into this race would have been so sudden and so full-throated as it was today, if it were not for an early endorsement from the Louisiana Republican Party for Jeff Landry,” said Alford, “exactly how serious is he, because this could be a major game changer.”

For more reaction to Kennedy’s potential gubernatorial run, watch the videos attached to this article.

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