June 17, 2024

Apple is adding a new feature to its iMessages: allowing people to edit or undo texts they’ve sent. The new feature was announced at the company’s World Wide Developers Conference on Monday, during which CEO Tim Cook and other Apple executives reveal the newest updates to their products.

“Hundreds of millions of people rely on messages every single day,” Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi said, adding that Apple is adding “three highly requested features to messages.” 

“First, have you ever sent a message, only to immediately realize you didn’t quite say what you intended?” he said. “Well, no worries— because now, you can edit message you just sent. So, embarrassing typos can be a thing of the past.”

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He said the second new feature is the ability to undo a sent message. The third is that you can mark a thread unread, so if you read it and want to come back to it later, it will appear as if you had not read it already.

These new features are just some of many Apple announced at its annual conference. Federighi said the “biggest update ever” on the iPhone’s lock screen will allow users to add widgets, like on the Apple Watch, and change fonts and colors. 

“Another critically important area is protecting our users’ personal privacy,” Federighi said while introducing new privacy settings. “One way we’re doing that is by adding a new tool to help people quickly turn off others’ access, for example, disabling location sharing, if they’re escaping an abusive relationship.”

The new tool, Safety Check, which Apple developed with domestic violence organizations, allows users to log out or reset settings if they’ve shared information and passwords with someone else. Katie Skinner, senior manager of user privacy software, said Apple has received positive feedback on their approach, including from the National Center for Victims of Crime. 

Changes to the Apple Watch, including an update to its workout app, were also announced. The company also said it is redesigning the MacBook Air and updating apps like the calendar. 

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