May 29, 2024

Adia Victoria has released a B-side from her latest album A Southern Gothic. Proceeds from “In the Pines”—which is available exclusively on Bandcamp—will benefit the Carolina Abortion Fund. “The song centers the stories of those who fall victim to the ideologies of emotionally stunted men,” Victoria said of the track in press materials. “I dedicate ‘In the Pines’ to every teenage girl who is desperately scratching at the walls of ideological imprisonment.” Find her full statement, as well as the new track, below.

Victoria is one of many artists who have spoken out in support of abortion rights in recent weeks, in response to the Supreme Court’s plans to overturn Roe v. Wade. Phoebe Bridgers and Olivia Rodrigo have addressed the issue during their concerts, while countless artists donated their portions of proceeds to abortion funds around the country during Bandcamp Friday earlier this month.

A Southern Gothic arrived last September, marking Victoria’s third studio album, following 2019’s Silences. During the writing process for the new LP, Victoria listened to Alan Lomax’s old field recordings, which became a base for her and collaborator Mason Hickman’s layered parts. Hickman also performs piano, guitar, synth, and percussion on “In the Pines,” alongside banjo courtesy of Jake Blount.


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