December 1, 2022

Following the arrest of two suspects in PnB Rock’s murder, a man who was accused of being the gunman has publicly proclaimed his innocence. Emmanuel Danquah, also known as “South Side Chief,” was identified by multiple social media users as a possible suspect due to a prior disagreement he with the late rapper. Many theorized that Danquah’s Instagram Live dispute with PnB back in 2021 could have been his motive.

Making an appearance on the Drea O Show, Danquah refuted all claims that he had any connection with PnB Rock’s murder. “I want everybody to know I had nothing to do with the murder of PnB Rock,” he said. “I wasn’t there, I didn’t make an ‘OG phone call’ or anything.” He also said that despite what the public witnessed during their spat, he and PnB settled their differences prior to his death.

“When we had our last talks, we weren’t at odds,” Danquah continued. “He was a real one. He was gonna give me an opportunity to change both of our lives with this fight that we were promoting … I’m thankful for that.”

Danquah also shared his reaction to hearing that he had been implicated in the death of someone he considered a friend. “It made me feel a plethora of different emotions … For the internet to put that label on me by taking some video out of context and just running with it, I really can’t put it into one feeling or one emotion.” He also warned social media users about spreading misinformation. “I just want people to know that they can’t always believe what they see on the internet. If you see the video, I’m like 200 pounds heavier and they tried to make it seem like that was the same day [as Rock’s murder].” According to Danquah, he has yet to be contacted by any officials.

PnB Rock was murdered on Sept. 12 while eating at a restaurant in South Los Angeles with his girlfriend. According to witnesses, a masked gunman approached the couple’s table and shot PnB multiple times following a brief verbal exchange, removing the rapper’s jewelry before fleeing. The rapper was pronounced dead shortly afterward at 30 years old. Police have since taken a 17-year-old boy and his stepmother into custody as suspects.

Watch Danquah’s interview on the Drea O Show below.

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