February 24, 2024

As students transition from in-school sessions to online classes, there has been a prominent shift in learning methods. Earlier, students used to take up extra classes and private tuitions to clarify their doubts. Record work, assignments, and school syllabus consumed a lot of their time.

However, in 2022, the education sector witnessed a drastic transformation. The shift from chalk and board to a virtual screen was certainly not easy. However, the transition came as a blessing in disguise.

Technological upgrades in learning methods managed to reach students way more effectively. Today, students can find expert assistance at the click of a button. They no longer have to wait after class hours to questions, especially before exams.

Here’s how technology has enabled students to level up their productivity.


In school, students were constrained to spend extra time waiting for doubt sessions by subject teachers. After-school hours had turned into a stress cloud as students enrolled for extra classes just to take time to understand concepts. Thanks to online learning platforms that now help students connect with subject matter experts instantly. This helps them save time for hobbies and also ensures a doubt-free education.


Allocating time for doubt sessions in school was usually considered an additional responsibility for teachers. Teachers were hard-pressed for a time as they grappled with syllabus deadlines in schools. Now with online learning platforms, teachers are available round the clock for students to connect. A win-win for both students and teachers, virtual platforms have made experts easily accessible to students.


The availability of tutors online has tremendously improved productivity levels in the education sector. One online doubt resolution session of 15 minutes has proven to be way more effective than a classroom session of 60 minutes. Besides, online doubt resolution is available on a one-on-one basis, as compared to group sessions in school.

While schools have their own advantages for learning protocols, virtual classrooms are carving their own path in the education sector.


As we all know, examinations are a mental challenge for students. With textbooks earmarked to infinity with red lines, students find it hard to tackle last-minute doubts before exams. Now with technology, students know they have access to tutors even at the last minute.

The very fact that there is help available, provides reassurance that they are well prepared. Therefore, online doubt resolutions on platforms have also reduced stress levels among students. All they need to do is take a picture of their subject question and connect live with tutors online.


As experts now resolve doubts within minutes, students are also getting access to additional learning resources. Brushing through past question papers and revised textbook editions is now made easier with e-learning videos and slideshows. Resolved doubts can be saved onto digital devices for future reference and thereby serve as excellent learning resources.

The transition to online doubt resolution has helped not only students but tutors as well. With access to students online, tutors are able to strike a work-life balance and serve students better.

Article by: Neetin Agrawal, Senior Vice President, Toppr

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