May 18, 2024

Employee productivity is important whether your employees work in the office or from home. Of course, home offices need to be equipped to handle everything the workday throws at your employees.

When you monitor your employees remotely, you don’t want to micromanage them and be breathing down their necks – you want them to work in the way that is most comfortable for them. These pieces of WFH equipment can make working from home a lot easier on your employees, leaving them enough energy to work through the day and have time with their loved ones at home.

1. Standing Desk

Standing up while working is a new trend that can keep employees in shape. Exercise can help someone stay motivated throughout the work day, but how can you get your activity in if you don’t have time to exercise?

A standing desk can remedy this problem by forcing someone to stand up. Simply by standing, any employee can improve their health and have less of a sedentary lifestyle.

2. File Organizer

When you work with many papers, you need something to keep them organized. File cabinets, however, might be challenging to make space for.

File organizers are smaller WFH items that can fit on a bookshelf or stick directly to your wall. They’re a great purchase if you’re used to sorting papers while working from home. Plus, they look much nicer than a bulky beige cabinet.

3. Biking Desk

Some desks take standing desks to a new level. These desks allow you to pedal while you’re working, effectively burning calories and increasing flexibility, among other benefits you can gain while riding a bike. If you have any employees who love to exercise or need to fidget while they work, a biking desk would be an excellent addition to their home office.

4. Reusable Notebooks

Having paper is essential to any job. Instead of wasting pages upon pages of notebook paper to take notes only to throw them away, consider investing in reusable notebooks. These notebooks can allow you to write on a surface, then erase your words. Some even allow you to take a picture and upload it to an app. That way, you can store your notes online for as long as you need.

5. A Second Monitor

If you want your employees to complete their work more quickly, a second monitor gives them the option of having more on their screen without having to rapidly switch windows.

A second monitor may be seen as a way to level up an employee’s performance and may do well as a reward to help retain employees. If people know they’ll earn something by sticking with your company, they may be more likely to tough it out through the difficult times.

6. Anti-Fatigue Mat

Perfect for standing desks, an anti-fatigue mat is typically filled with gel or some other cushion that is easy on workers’ feet. The mat makes it so that employees can work at their standing desks whenever they feel like it for as long as they please.

It might take some getting used to, but eventually, your employees will feel at ease using an anti-fatigue mat to keep them energized and focused throughout the day.

7. Plants

Plants may not be the first type of WFH equipment to come to mind, but they’re a must for nearly any remote work setup because they give people another thing to take care of. Some people may see it as a chore to water plants, but succulents offer the same joy of having a burst of green in the office without worrying about taking care of it.

Plus, having green in the office can help lower stress and invite rest into a person’s life. It’s the perfect color to add to offices because it can help your employees feel more at ease at their desks.

8. Blue Light Glasses

Your eyes are some of the most important tools you have. When employees are working from home, they’re likely glued to the screen. You want them to protect their eyes, so why not instruct them to wear glasses that reflect blue light?

You may find your circadian rhythm disrupted when exposed to blue light without protection. Glasses that reflect blue light can keep your employees safe at any point in the day.

9. Ergonomic Chair

To do their best work, your employees must have the best equipment. A chair that fits them ergonomically will preserve good posture and save them from pain after a hard day’s work.

The chair itself isn’t the only thing – your employees must also know how to sit in it and maintain good posture to avoid hurting themselves. Still, the presence of a comfortable chair that positions them correctly could do nothing but help them.

10. Fidget Toys

Some people just can’t sit still during work. They might need something at their desk to fidget with to occupy their mind as they work through a problem. A fidget toy, such as a fidget spinner or a fidget cube, can help them work aimlessly with their hands during a slow period or one that requires intense focus. It’s an easier way for them to get their energy out during the workday while staying focused.

WFH Doesn’t Have to Be a Chore With These Items

With a few simple gadgets, your employees can level up their WFH life. These items all have the potential to add to the quality of working life for some people, while others may see them as distractions. It’s up to each of your employees to figure out the working style that fits them best. Then, you can provide them with the tools they need to finish their days productively and in style.

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